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Ancestral Odysseys

The Art of Belonging


These ancestral odysseys are an offering to cultivate a greater sense of belonging to this earth. Consisting of two 2-hour sessions, they will help lay the foundations for you to create a balanced, supportive and enriching relationship with your ancestors and the land.

You may have felt the call and not yet heeded it, or found yourself repeating patterns recurrently or feel bound by addictions. There may be a sense of feeling lost, alone, unrooted and as though you somehow don't belong. Or you may be seeking avenues for inspiration and connection that feel authentic and meaningful. There may be feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, grief or depression. Perhaps there was a dream, visitation or synchronicity regarding one of your ancestors that has stoked your curiosity....

Making the intention to connect with and honour your ancestors can bring great blessings to your life, and ripple out to your extended family. It can also signal a time of initiation and rebirth. At this time of great change in our earth's history, keeping connected to our roots and appreciating the fullness of our journey brings greater humility, empathy and gratitude. 

This is a collaborative and spontaneous adventure, which may take us in various directions! The sessions will potentially include ritual, embodiment practices, prayers and offerings, journeying and shamanic healing, I will assist you in connecting with your ancestral guides, creating an ancestral altar, untangling inherited patterns, and develop a practice of feeding and honouring your ancestors. There will also be guidance on how to protect yourself and create strong boundaries. 

Investment (2 x 2 hour sessions) - £15

Isla Macleod

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