Sacred Ceremonies



Welcoming a baby in to the family and winder community or taking a new name later in life.



Celebrating a couple's love and commitment for one another and a new chapter in their relationship.



A rite of passage honours and marks transition from one phase of life to another. 



Significant thresholds for girls and women.

Ceremony beckons us to create rites and rituals that reflect our own way and carry meaning for us as individuals, as a couple, or as a community. This resonance enables the mystical and unseen power of ceremony to fully unfold in your life and your intention to bear fruit.

It may be the beginning of a new chapter, a birth; a time of transition in your life or honouring the cycles of nature; a need for healing; making a commitment or pledge to yourself or another; a period of mourning, a death. Any experience can be woven with meaning, healed, integrated and honoured through ceremony. 

By celebrating these precious moments we acknowledge the potential and power of these transformations and connect to a deeper well of wisdom and inspiration that can guide and support us on our way.

With a one-to-one consultation we will explore the inspiration and intention behind your ceremony and create something deeply personal, authentic and meaningfull to reflect who you are and what you seek. 

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