“I was amazed with how little effort and with how much joy Isla was able to hold our retreat, as if facilitating a group were the easiest and most natural thing she could be doing. So much kindness, so much wisdom, and such a deeply authentic, inspiring connection to the natural world. Isla is clearly someone who has found her calling, and what a blessing that is for the rest of us!

Mark Ovland


“Isla’s wisdom, humility and deep presence brought a sense of connection which surpassed all of my expectations. 

I felt I was able to really spend time with both myself and with my ancestors.

We were introduced to some beautiful trees on an ancient piece of land and encouraged towards  healing release, through the element of a roaring bonfire.

A fantastic group, hosted by an insightful, safe, playful and authentic shamanic practitioner. 

Truly memorable and highly recommended.”

Kate Woods


“I have done two of Isla's woodland walks. These walks were one of the most memorable experiences I have had. I have always loved trees, but the experience I had with Isla, made me understand and feel the magic of trees in community. One of the first walks it was pouring with rain, yet it was completely magical. We made little designs on the ground with leaves twigs, stones, moss under the trees

as offerings it was really creative and delightful. It was magical. Thank you Isla.”

Jose Foncesca


Jon & Josy


"Isla was the celebrant at our wedding and I couldn't have dreamed of a more wonderful experience. Having conducted a beautiful ceremony at my baby shower I wanted to continue the positive vibes through to our wedding which we heralded as a celebration of life for us and our new son.

 Isla's approach is thoughtful, intuitive and flexible. She worked with us to come up with the perfect order of ceremony, incorporating our ideas and suggesting shamanic ritual which would symbolise some of our goals as a couple. We were slightly worried that some of our family and friends would find the ceremony challenging but as we saw from the images, everyone got involved, credit to Isla's ability to lead a group of people through a new, yet fascinating experience. Our guests gave us fantastic feedback, even the most traditional saying it was the best wedding they had been to. 

From start to end we felt supported, loved and able to just be us. Thank you, Isla for everything."

Take a look at this extraordinary wedding venue *here*

Daniel & Elpitha


"Isla created a beautiful sense of grounded magic and genuine warmth for our wedding ceremony. Having Isla around in the build up to the ceremony to keep us true to the essence of our gathering completely changed what we were able to achieve throughout the whole weekend with all our loved ones... to feel truly present. 

On the day she had prepared the space among the trees so beautifully it was beyond even our wildest dreams (and our dreams were pretty wild to begin with!) She held the ceremony with such elegance and familiarity and conducted the ceremony with such gentle confidence and ease. She had clearly absorbed and refelcted on all the things we had discussed in our preparations together, adapting to our style and effortlessly weaving in aspects of both our cultures that we had requested of her. We cant thank her enough for all the love and effort that she put into every part!"

Stu & Loo


'We were so lucky to have Isla as our celebrant. I felt she completely ‘got’ our vision and wrote such beautiful words for us - the kind of thing we both wanted but didn’t quite know how to express. She is amazing at holding space, I loved the way she made the ceremony feel so intimate and personal and yet we were standing in a room with 150 friends and family. 

Isla also came up with the perfect way of closing our ceremony that was very meaningful to us, pointing back to the first years of our relationship. All of our friends and family got the significance - it felt so very special and original - just what we had wanted but couldn’t have done ourselves.'

Matt & Jacqueline


'We were married by Isla on a wild and windy day at the ancient standing stones of Drizzlecombe, Dartmoor.  From envisioning the ceremony to skilfully holding the space on the day – Isla was a conscientious, empathic and intuitive guide every step of the way.  Her ability to draw upon the natural elements of the wilderness setting and weave them into our personal ceremony choices resulted in a beautiful, unique and unforgettable day.  We cannot recommend Isla highly enough.  Thank you so much'.

Isla Macleod


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