Here I am

I am a creator of ceremonies, ritual designer, facilitator of journeys and companion at the thresholds.

It is my deepest wish to inspire and support a rememberance of what is sacred in our lives. To create and hold space for others to journey within and recognise their innate creativity, wisdom and power. Through offering a container for transformation, held with the deepest love and respect, I hope to help others access those forgotten treasures that are their gifts to life.

I have been exploring indigenous traditions, ceremony, ritual and story since childhood, and through my studies of History, photography and Shamanism. My ongoing exploration is guided by the question: ‘What gives meaning to human life’?

Whilst undertaking a training in shamanic healing, I was blessed to live in solitude in the ancient woodlands of Sussex, where my deepest training began with nature as my teacher. It was here that I 're-wilded' myself: coming back in to a conscious and alive relationship with the earth and stars, moon and sun, stones and streams, the plant, tree and fungi kingdoms and my indigenous ancestors. 

During this time I was able to cultivate a deep and authentic relationship with myself through ceremony and ritual; drawing upon my intuition and inspiration to explore ways to communicate with the unseen realms. Through this dialogue I realised my strength as a bridge to these realms, offering my hand to others that wished to make the journey.

To enrich and expand my understanding of ceremony I completed a celebrant training with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling in the Peak District. Their green-spirited way resonated with my own and I am extremely grateful for their wisdom and continual support.

I have been invited to hold a wide range of ceremonies and rituals over the years -  from a tree-temple wedding to a Shamanic union blessing; a blessing-way for a pregnant mama to a keening circle at Buddhafields Death Awareness space; seasonal celebrations honouring the Celtic festivals; planting tree celebrations; burying the placenta ceremony; grieving a miscarriage ritual; a women's ceremony to connect to their maternal line and various ancestral, grief and tree ceremonies. All part of the myriad, majestic and mystical aspects of life!

I now live in the vales of Somerset with my son Wren and can be found exploring the old roots of Selwood forest, tending to springs and listening to birdsong.   

A Visual Journey

I like to share images of my ceremonies, earth offerings and pilgrimages on Instagram. Feel free to follow me!

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Past Retreats & Workshops

Elemental Joy - Wild Tuscany Retreat


A week of extended ceremony, communing with the elements and walking the sacred, ancient landscape in the footsteps of St. Francis. Using playful and creative practices to embody the elements and ritual to draw upon their powers of transformation.

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Ancestral Pathways: The Art of Remembering


An immersive weekend exploring embodied ways of connecting with nature. Playing with the trees as doorways to other realms and drawing on ritual and ceremony as keys to unlocking ancestral memory.

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Journey with Trees


A monthly pilgrimage in nature to explore the healing potential and wisdom of our native trees. Based around the Celtic lunar tree calendar, each moon is aligned to a different tree. Drawing on our indigenous wisdom and the power of ceremony, each journey culminates in an offering to the land and the trees.

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'Enchanted Beings'


'A trip around the wheel of the year' by Jenny Chapman

This book provides an insight into personal practices and rituals offered by 8 practitioners for the 8 celebrations of the Celtic wheel of the year.

My contribution is the chapter on Samhain, where I describe my journey with the Yew tree, my longing, and ways I connect with my ancestors around this time.

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