Tree Journeys

'Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth. '


One of the ways I began to explore my instinct to create ritual was in relationship to the trees. It became natural to want to leave an offering or gesture of gratitude for them after I had spent time with them. As I allowed this appreciation and reverence to be expressed, though land art, songs or symbolic offerings, I felt in harmony with the natural flow of things. Giving and receiving. 

Trees provide a doorway to the sacred grove of our heart's true longing. Each species has its own wisdom to share and offer healing, connection, inspiration and reflections to reveal the Truth of who and what we are.

I invite you to open to the possibility of experiencing radical healing, acceptance and love through spending time with trees. This has been my experience, and it would be my privilege to nurture yours to bring the greatest blessings to your life, and those around you.


As your guide and companion I will help facilitate the weaving of your spirit back to the landscape, to root down in to belly of the earth and remember why you are here.

Either one-to-one or in a group, as a workshop, ceremony or healing journey, I will create a bespoke experience tailored for your needs and intention.

Exploring embodiment practices, ritual weaving, meditation, Shamanic healing, imaginal journeys, creative expression, medicine walks, ancestral honouring, ceremony and celebration, we will unfurl the perfect map for your journey back to yourself. 

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Are you feeling called to the trees and wondering how to begin your journey with them?

Or do you long to connect with them more deeply and authentically? 

Do you work with children who would benefit from spending time in nature?

Or are you a parent wishing for your children to understand more about our relationship with the earth?

Would you like to honour and celebrate a specific tree?

Or gather together with your community to celebrate a tree in your area?

Do you yearn for a more alive and enriching relationship with your ancestors?

Would you like to explore creative ways to communicate and relate to them?

Are you struggling with a low moods, depression, anxiety, feelings of loneliness or addiction?

Do you strive for connection, love and understanding?

Natural Healing

There is deep, vital medicine and wisdom within the trees that we can access. Here is a version of chi gung I like to call ‘Tree gung’, that draws in the surrounding energies of the trees, almost like an invicible dance with their energy bodies. It revives your vital life force within and leaves you pulsing with a wild, alive, vibrant connection to nature.

'And in to the forest I go, to loose my mind & find my soul'

During my time living in the ancient Sussex woods I became a disciple to the trees; learning their ways and transitions through the seasons as I spent long periods of time nestled in their nooks, cradled in their branches and entwined with their roots. It was during this time I devoted myself to an initiation with the Yew tree, and henceforth pledged to live in service to the trees. 

It began with a longing... An unquenchable thirst for the depths and mysteries of life to unravel through me. The forest provided the perfect container for this journey, and the trees became my most cherished companions on this voyage home to Myself.

I am devoted to guiding others back to the forest, to rekindle this most sacred relationship between humans and trees. So that we may be reminded of our responsibilities as guardians of this  earth and how inextricably woven we are with all life and death.


Isla Macleod

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