Women's Rites

Feminine Cycles

Women's rites are initiations in to different phases of womanhood; exquisite, diverse aspects of the Goddess manifesting through us. When we connect more intentionally to these aspects we are gifted the resources and power to express ourselves authentically and create the lives we dream of. We recognise our place in the web of life and the spiral dance we weave as we make our journey home.

A woman's journey is marked by her cycles; her changing seasons, rhythmic moon-time and our descent and return form the Underworld by way of spiritual initiation that forms the basis of our Goddess myths. These myths remind us of the initiation process of the Feminine Mysteries and our responsibility as women to face the darkness and penetrate its wisdom to return its gifts to the light.

To undergo an initiation ceremony means to stand at the threshold of a change in life and to step consciously over it. It marks a beginning and ending, which must both be honoured to bring about integration and reclamation. It weaves together the darkness and the light, bringing about wholeness and fulfilment on our earthly path. 

Partaking in these rituals supports the collective empowerment of women and enables us to reclaim the deep well of wisdom within us that is our birthright. By honouring these transitions and ancient women's rites, we are consciously aligning to the Divine Feminine and weaving ourselves back into the fabric of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers before us. 

There are five significant rites for women that can be reclaimed as sacred initiations; celebrated with the community and upheld as rituals that honour the Feminine Mysteries:


Female Celebrations

Menarche Ceremony


For young girls approaching their first bleed, this rite of passage empowers our  daughters with the wisdom and upholding of her community to embrace her moon cycles and celebrate her connection with the Divine Feminine.

Sacred 'Hen' Gathering


Reclaiming the modern-day hen party as an opportunity to gather with your circle of women and prepare for marriage in sacred and celebratory way.  Weaving together ritual and embodiment practices that connect you to your desires and dreams.

Blessing Way


A Blessing Way was traditionally a Navajo Ritual created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood. Gathering together your tribe of women to celebrate your fertility and power and blessing the birth with prayers and positive intentions.

Divine Creatrix Ceremony


After the intensity of the early year's of motherhood, a woman's creative potential returns and they are boundless with possibility. This wild woman energy can be harnessed and directed when recognised and carefully tended. A ceremony to mark this expansive time creates clear focus and intention for these manifesting powers.

Embracing the Crone


Older women are the keepers of wisdom and traditions, understanding the two great mysteries of birth and death. Honouring and respecting their wisdom is vital for the wellbeing of their community and the world at large. A ceremony that celebrates their gifts and welcomes them as an Elder supports them in sharing their wisdom with the world.  

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