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Celebrating Love


The Vision

To co-create a unique wedding ceremony that celebrates your individual and collective dreams, inspiration and wishes. Weaving together an experience that expresses who you are and what you value in life; the beauty of your love and depth of your commitment. 

With your friends and family encircling you, supporting you as you make this pledge and celebrating what you intend to become together. Infusing those present with love and joy, setting the tone for the rest of your day.

The Process

As we begin this journey together we embark upon a voyage of discovery, into the depths of your hearts and what is most meaningful, beautiful and sacred to you both. I will hold you through this unfolding with my greatest care, encouraging you to inquire and reflect upon what this commitment means for you, and how your ceremony can reflect that. 

The Potential

There are infinite possibilities when creating a wedding ceremony; reflecting the infinite expressions of human life. How do you express yourselves? How do you communicate your love? What is the essence of the experience you seek during your wedding?

We will explore the various ways you can make a meaningful commitment to each other, in a way that is authentic and joyful to you both. It may be with words, an exchange of vows, or something more symbolic and unspoken. 

There may be cultural or inherited rituals that you wish to include or adapt, and ways to involve your family and friends. 

You may have a vision of where you wish to hold your ceremony, or perhaps more adventures are needed to find the perfect place...

Whatever you wish to bring to your ceremony is possible, and there may be more hidden dreams beneath the surface that seek expression. 

The Value

Making a lifelong commitment to another  is one of the most significant and powerful offerings we make in life. When honoured as such, and by creating a ceremony to celebrate this commitment that is both meaningful and personal, your intention is strengthened and anchored. The power of such an experience will fortify your commitment and align you to the reality you seek.

The Beauty

By creating a bespoke ceremony to celebrate your love and commitment, you are expressing yourselves to your family and friends in a deeply beautiful way. They are given an insight in to the nature of your love and receive the blessings and inspiration from witnessing the beauty of your union.

'Love is the closest thing we have to magic'

My services

My offering to you:

Initial Consultation:

· Meeting with you before your wedding to explore your ideas, share your vision and identify the perfect wedding ceremony for you (in person or Skype).

· Option to include a symbolic ceremony, uniquely designed to reflect your wishes and vision, including any spiritual or inherited traditions you hope to include.


· Guidance with choosing inspiring poems and readings for your service.

· Assistance with writing your vows or the freedom to write your own!

· Contact and guidance throughout the ceremony writing process, with as many amendments made to your ceremony script as required. 

The Ceremony:

· Option to hold a rehearsal with you and your wedding party before the ceremony (dependent on location)

On the day:

· Early arrival to prepare the ceremonial space and be on hand to remind you of your intention and the love at the heart of your ceremony. Smudging and sound bath optional!

· Natural earth offerings woven by me on the day, as a way of honouring and thanking the land/venue where you will be blessed. 

· Holding and delivering your ceremony with my deepest presence and intention. 

· Keepsake copy of your full ceremony script for you to digest fully and return to over time.

Ceremony prices start from £500.

(Travel expenses may be added dependent on location)

N.B. A celebrant ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. For your marriage to be recognised by law you will need to complete the legal formalities at a registry office. I recommend you complete the legalities before your bespoke ceremony to give a sense of fulfilment and completion on the day. 


Let us begin the journey...



Some of the delightful couples I have created wedding ceremonies with have shared some reflections on the process and my services.